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Spa & Gardens

The Siam Bayshore is home to acres of lush tropical gardens that are lovingly cared for to provide sumptuous green surrounds for our guests. Dotted around are seats where you may sit and relax; soaking up the lovely ambiance of our downtown oasis.

The Lotus Spa of Siam, located in the hotel gardens, provides complete rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit. Our private and secluded spa facilities utilise the soothing colour and scent of lotus blossom, graceful teakwood and charming water features to create a serene and beautiful environment to relax in. You may even use our in-room DVD/VCD player to pop in your favourite film whilst you get pampered.

The Lotus Spa of Siam offers a complete range of body and beauty treatments. First-class spa services are provided by professionally trained, friendly staff using the finest spa products in three private treatment rooms. The spa is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00.



Stress Free Massage                                  Bht 2,600 (90 mins)

Traditional Thai Massage                           Bht 1,800 (90 mins)

Thai Massage with Herbal Compress     Bht 2,000 (90 mins)

Aromatic Massage                                       Bht 1,800 (60 mins)

Swedish Massage                                       Bht 1,800 (60 mins)

Sport Massage                                            Bht 1,800 (60 mins)

Mini Relax

Back and Shoulder Massage                 Bht 950 (30 mins)

Head Massage                                         Bht 950 (30 mins)

Foot Massage                                           Bht 650 (30 mins)

Thai Herbal Compress                           Bht 950 (30 mins)

Facial Massage                                        Bht 950 (30 mins)

Honey Milk Bath                                        Bht 950 (30 mins)

Body Treatment

Coffee & Coconut Body Scrub             Bht 1,800 (45 mins)

Tamarind & Turmeric Body Scrub       Bht 1,800 (45 mins)

White Sesame Body Scrub                  Bht 1,800 (45 mins)

Organic Fruit  Scrub                               Bht 1,800 (45 mins)

Body Wrap

Papaya Firming Body Wrap                  Bht 2,200 (60 mins)

Seaweed Detoxify Body Wrap               Bht 2,200 (60 mins)

Facial Treatment

Thai Herbal Facial                                    Bht 1,800 (60 mins)

Perfect Balance Aroma facial                 Bht 2,200 (60 mins)

Turbo Oxygen Booster                             Bht 2,200 (60 mins)

Counteract Aging                                      Bht 2,200 (60 mins)

Tranquility Masamline (Men)                  Bht 2,200 (60 mins)

Lotus Package

Aromatic Hurb Indulgence                 Bht 3,850 (2.5 hours)

Royal Thai Therapy                              Bht 4,950 (3.5 hours)

Lotus Signature                                    Bht 6,850 (4 hours)

Body Tune                                             Bht 5,250 (3 hours)

Siam Romance (for Couple)             Bht 7,850 (3 hours)

Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT

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